Do you care about orcas, salmon, and clean water for the communities of Puget Sound? Join us: take action to help turn the tide on toxic stormwater pollution.

State or federal funding is often needed to support local communities trying to do the right thing. Washington’s state and federal legislators have expressed commitments to respect Tribal Treaty Rights, restore salmon, save the orcas, combat climate change, and restore Puget Sound. Each of these goals hinges upon stopping stormwater pollution throughout our region.

Many communities will use 2022 to budget for future capital investments like Low Impact Development (LID) and stormwater retrofits. And soon, in 2023, the state legislature will pass a new budget. Now is the time to ask your local elected officials to authorize more funding for stormwater projects in your community, and to seek more funding from state and federal leadership.

Fill out the form below to tell your local elected officials why stormwater controls matter to you. You’ll join your neighbors around Puget Sound in advocating for critical Low Impact Development (LID) and stormwater retrofit investments, which protect salmon and clean water in your community.

Tell your local elected officials—including your council members and mayor or executive—that state and federal legislators made a commitment to protect Puget Sound from stormwater pollution. Remind them that our communities require funding to make good on these promises.

Puget Soundkeeper and Washington Environmental Council will collect your responses through the fall of 2022 and deliver your letters to your local elected officials during the 2022 and 2023 budgeting processes. Please note that by submitting your information, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and Washington Environmental Council may contact you to confirm when your letter(s) are delivered. Let your representatives know what kind of future you want to see.

Three Steps for Stormwater

  1. Review the Local Stormwater Pollution Controls Factsheet and Storymap to see if your community was assessed, how many projects it has completed, and where those projects are located.
  2. Fill out the “Take Action” form below to sign on to a comment letter in support of more funding for stormwater projects in your community. Make sure to personalize your letter by sharing why clean water matters to you.
  3. Click “Submit” on the Google form so your community can protect salmon and benefit from cleaner water! PSK and WEC will deliver your message during your municipality’s 2022 and 2023 budgeting process.

Want to Do More?

Talk to your neighbors about LID and stormwater retrofits in your area. You can find out about rain gardens and other stormwater projects here. Residents in King County can apply for benefits to put in a rain barrel or rain garden here.

Contact PSK or WEC if you’d like us to come speak about stormwater, LID, and retrofits to a community group or class.

Become a member of Puget Soundkeeper and Washington Environmental Council. We’ll keep you informed and active on the environmental issues impacting your community.

Attend a live presentation in 2022! Email to find out more details and dates. 

Together we can build healthy communities that will sustain and nourish our region, and future generations, while helping us solve the problems of the present.

More Questions?

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